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Think Green

A good irrigation system is a water-conservation tool that delivers water in the most effective way at the appropriate time.

Think Green with Drip IrrigationDrip irrigation is the most water efficient method of irrigating. While sprinkler systems are around 75-85% efficient, drip systems typically are 90% or higher.

What this means is much less wasted water! For this reason drip is the preferred method of irrigation in the dryer regions of the United States.

But drip irrigation has other benefits which make it useful almost anywhere. It is easy to install, easy to design, can be very inexpensive, and can reduce disease problems associated with high levels of moisture on some plants.

Micro irrigation waters with pinpoint accuracy. Plain and simple. That means less wasted water and more control.

Think Green with Mirco-Spray IrrigationMicro-spray is delivered through micro tubing to a series of nozzles attached to risers. These risers may be fixed or designed to pop-up.

In either case, it is easy to see that they are functioning, eliminating the most commonly voiced complaint about drip irrigation.

Rain and Freeze Irrigation SensorThe Wireless Rain and Freeze Sensor prevents your automatic sprinkler system from watering during a storm and is controlled by remote so there is no wiring to string to your timer.

The rain sensor is adjustable to accommodate rainfall from 1/8 In. to 1 In. The freeze sensor reduces hazards and damage to your pipes from freezing water.

Toro’s new Precision Series Spray NozzlesToro’s new Precision Series Spray Nozzles are the most complete and efficient spray nozzle line available to help irrigation professionals manage water use, eliminate runoff and reduce customer water bills.

The Precision Spray nozzles 1”/hr precipitation rate ensures that water is applied more slowly and evenly without sacrificing landscape health.

These nozzles are available in a wide selection of arcs and radii, as well as male and female threads, making them ideal for large scale installations and retrofits.