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Irrigation Installation, Repair and MaintenanceIrrigation technology has come a long way since the first sprinkler systems were installed, when installers dropped pvc pipe randomly into the ground, assuming a large volume of water would make up for a ‘hit-or-miss’ installation. Today, we understand just how precious our water resources are. Today’s irrigation systems require careful planning and management. A modern irrigation system with precise design, accurate water distribution and detailed programming will protect your landscape investment while conserving valuable water resources. In addition, a properly designed and installed irrigation system will pay for itself in reduced maintenance and water costs.

Texas Waterboys is state licensed and is a certified irrigation contractor. With over 25 years experience in servicing and installing irrigation systems, you will enjoy a lush, green and hassle-free lawn and years of dependable, economical operation.

Backflow Irrigation ValveWhat sets Texas Waterboys apart? With 25 years of experience in landscape management, we understand the water requirements of your plants and how they will vary depending on site conditions and locations. In addition, we have a certified Backflow Valve Tester on staff. This is critical knowledge when designing and/or servicing your system to protect your landscape investment.

Irrigation (ir.ri.ga.tion) – Verb

To supply (as land or crops) with water by artificial means

Whether your needs are commercial or residential irrigation, Texas Waterboys will supply you with the most knowledgeable, well trained team of employees in the industry. Following the State of Texas and City requirements and guide lines, we promise to provide a sprinkler system that is efficient, conserves water and meets all our our Green Industry standards.

Irrigation (ir.ri.ga.tion) – Noun

To practice irrigation

With Texas Waterboys is it not “practice”. Since 1986, our commitment has been to hire and train professional people who seek a career with the Green Industry.