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“I have water spewing out of my sprinkler system”, “I have a zone that won’t stop running , and “my sump pump alarm is going off”!!!! Theseare our typical cries for help and we take these and other types of emergencies very seriously.  Here are a few circumstancesthat requireimmediate attention. If you are experiencing a specific area of your yard, in which the sprinklers continues to run during a normal system cycle, you are more
During winter months, we often think about winterizing our homes and our cars; however, what about winterizing your irrigation system? And what exactly is Winterization? How do you prepare your sprinkler system for the winter months? Great questions! Let me help you gain understanding and give you simple tips for sprinkler system maintenance for the winter months! Winterization is merely to prepare or equip for the winter weather. It is important to do this in
If you can recall, we discussed the upcoming ballot to fund the latest State Water Plan back in July. The latest news is that HB-4, HB-1025 and SJR-1 have all been approved by the House and Senate, and the final step is for voters to agree to these bills, by voting yes to Proposition 6 on the November 5th ballot. October 7th was the deadline to register to vote, but we can all look forward
For a lot of our clients in and around Richardson, drainage is often times an afterthought when it comes to landscaping. Drainage systems are imperative to protecting a homeowner’s investment, as it keeps a healthy foundation, prevents diseases from taking over the lawn, and avoids mosquitoes and other breeding insects from making your property their home. We offer our clients in and around Richardson numerous drainage solutions as listed below. French Drains French drains are
The latest press release by The North Texas Municipal Water District was published on August 30, advising North Texas residents to remember to look after their home’s foundations, especially in the midst of ongoing drought conditions. In light of this press release, our sprinkler repair service wants to help spread the word to ensure that homeowners are aware of the risk of cracks in their foundations and what should be done to prevent costly damages