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Emergency Service Calls

Emergency Service Calls
January 17, 2014 TWBadmin
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“I have water spewing out of my sprinkler system”, “I have a zone that won’t stop running , and “my sump pump alarm is going off”!!!! Theseare our typical cries for help and we take these and other types of emergencies very seriously.  Here are a few circumstancesthat requireimmediate attention.

If you are experiencing a specific area of your yard, in which the sprinklers continues to run during a normal system cycle, you are more than likely dealing with a stuck zone. In most cases, it is difficult to shut your irrigation off completely. Sometimes even unplugging your controller to your system may not turn off your system. The only way to stop a stuck zone prior to the actual repair is to turn off the DCA or double check device. This controls the water flow and will only shut off the water to your sprinklers-not to your home.

Broken, busted, or cracked pipesnormally cause a vast amount of water to flow out of your irrigation system. These types of sprinkler leaks usually cause run-offs into the street and alley way. In addition to preventing a high water bill due to a massive amount of water usage, major leaks such as broken pipes also can cause city fines for run-offs. Plano residents who have violated the watering ordinance can be fined $150.00. In fact, it was reported that since June 1st, last year, the City of Plano has written 594 citations and sent warning notices to nearly 7,000 residents (www.starlocalmedia/planocourier.com 2014).This is an effort to conserve and bring attention to water waste; however, we don’t want you to be subjected to potential fines or high water bills. Major leaks are number one for emergencies calls we receive and we work diligently to address them as quickly as possible.

Drainage also can become a big ordeal as well. We often get numerous calls due to periods of heavy rainfalls causing flooding. This can become a huge issue for sump pumps. Either the pump detects too much water flow thus resulting in the sump pump alarm to go off or it is not working properly and will alert the homeowner of a necessary repair. Also, major drainage issues can cause flooding, not just in your yard, but more importantly, in your home too. We understand the urgency this type of problem needs and normally address the issue immediately!

Texas Waterboys offers emergency service such as same day and weekend appointments for repairs determined as urgent and emergency cases. If time permits, we will make the repair or turn off your system for you and then schedule another appointment for the actual repair.  You can call our office number, 972.733.4343, and select prompt #5 for emergency services; this will page an on call manager or technician and you should then receive a phone call back, immediately. Here at Texas Waterboys, no matter if you have a minor issue or a cry for help, it is always our goal to act promptly and get you taken care of. So now you know, in the case of your sprinkler or drainage emergency, we are just a simple phone call away!


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