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How do I prepare my irrigation system for winter?

How do I prepare my irrigation system for winter?
December 18, 2013 TWBadmin
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During winter months, we often think about winterizing our homes and our cars; however, what about winterizing your irrigation system? And what exactly is Winterization? How do you prepare your sprinkler system for the winter months? Great questions! Let me help you gain understanding and give you simple tips for sprinkler system maintenance for the winter months!

Winterization is merely to prepare or equip for the winter weather. It is important to do this in order to prevent damage from harsh winter weather or freezing temperatures.  Most of you probably insulate your windows in your home or ensure you have sufficient antifreeze in your car. So, how do you go about prepping your irrigation system? It’s always a good idea to do a check system-checking each zone for leaks, making sure your rain and freeze sensor is working properly, and setting your controller for minimum watering or if preferable-turning off your system. However, a thorough Winterization with Texas Waterboys, includes the following:

*Checking the DCA handles-in order to prevent rusting.
*Insulating your DCA-upon your request.
*Checking your rain/freeze sensor.
*Replacing new batteries in your controller.
*Checking your entire sprinkler system for leaks-if applicable.
*Programming your controller for the winter months.
*Adding gravel underneath the DCA-to allow water to drain.

It is also recommended to drain or blowout your irrigation system. According to Hunter Industries, “Every year, before the first freeze, the ritual of irrigation “blow out” becomes the priority for all irrigation systems in regions located where the frost levels extends below the depth of installed piping” (hunterindustries.com 2013). However, our trained professionals do not recommend draining or performing a blowout as a requirement for Dallas/Ft.Worth residence nor is it pertinent for most of North Texas; it does not get cold enough here, therefore, it is not necessary.  Taking these simple steps will serve as a precaution to a winter disaster and make sure you’re irrigation system is ready to function in the spring! Your Winterization experts are just a call away. Contact Texas Waterboys at 972.733.4343 and schedule your Irrigation Winterization today!