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Landscaping Topics This Fall – Proposition 6 and Winterizing Your Lawn

Landscaping Topics This Fall – Proposition 6 and Winterizing Your Lawn
October 23, 2013 TWBadmin

If you can recall, we discussed the upcoming ballot to fund the latest State Water Plan back in July. The latest news is that HB-4, HB-1025 and SJR-1 have all been approved by the House and Senate, and the final step is for voters to agree to these bills, by voting yes to Proposition 6 on the November 5th ballot. October 7th was the deadline to register to vote, but we can all look forward to seeing the outcome very soon. On a different note, we hope all of our landscaping clients in Coppell TX and surrounding areas have been taking measures to prepare their lawns for the winter. We figured a winter reminder is in order.

What is Proposition 6?

Proposition 6 will support an amendment to the Texas Constitution, regarding the Treasury Department and other structural changes to advisory boards and committees to help facilitate the State Water Plan. The State Water Plan is a plan of action that is agreed on every 5 years, and is determined by thorough assessment of the state’s watering needs. If voters agree to it, $2 billion from the state’s “Rainy Day Fund” will be moved to a State Water Implementation Fund for Texas (SWIFT), and will be used to generate revenue via low-interest loans. This account exists to fund various projects which will help improve our current drought conditions.

Winter Reminder

As we mentioned back in August, now is a very important time for your lawn.  In regards to landscaping, Coppell TX and surrounding cities we serve are strongly advised to start cleaning up, making the (flower) beds, have any over-seeding and other measures that will help their lawns look their best all year round. The way your lawn looks next spring is a reflection on how it was treated the previous fall (and all year, for that matter). Lawn care is a science where good intentions can go very badly if an ample amount of research is not done. Proper year-round lawn care varies depending on the type of grass and plants you have and the condition of your soil. Ask us about winterizing your lawn to avoid diseases, bald patches, and weeds that will pop up in the spring.