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Sprinkler Repair Tip: Your Foundation is at Extra Risk in Times of Drought

Sprinkler Repair Tip: Your Foundation is at Extra Risk in Times of Drought
September 10, 2013 TWBadmin
In Dallas Sprinkler Repair

The latest press release by The North Texas Municipal Water District was published on August 30, advising North Texas residents to remember to look after their home’s foundations, especially in the midst of ongoing drought conditions. In light of this press release, our sprinkler repair service wants to help spread the word to ensure that homeowners are aware of the risk of cracks in their foundations and what should be done to prevent costly damages to their property. Thanks to The Texas A&M Agrilife Extension and Research Center in Dallas, here are a few tips to keep in mind for your home’s foundation.

You Are Allowed to Water On Any Day For Foundations and New Landscaping

Our sprinkler repair service wants to make sure homeowners are clear on the regulations regarding foundations and new landscaping, versus regulations on using your sprinkler system for your lawn. Current stage 3 restrictions limit sprinkler system operation to once every seven days. Foundations and new landscaping, however, can be watered on any day of the week, for up to two hours, when done by hand or by a soaker hose or drip irrigation system in dedicated zones. Please contact your local service for details in your area.

Dry Soil Can Cause the Foundation to Shift and Crack

When soil dries out, it contracts. Dried soil under your home will cause the foundation to shift as it sinks down. Uneven shifts in the foundation are what cause it to crack in one or more areas. When the soil is rehydrated, the foundation can lift back into place, potentially closing up old cracks.

Maintaining a Strong Foundation

Our sprinkler repair service can help you install a dedicated drip irrigation system or soaker hose around your home. It is advised that the system be placed between eight and eighteen inches from the foundation.  If you use a soaker hose, it’s important to have a backflow preventer installed at the faucet, so prevent water backing up into your home. Soaker hoses should also run on low water pressure. Adding mulch around your foundation is also highly recommended.

Take Care of Your Home’s Foundation

For more details on setting up an optimal system and environment for your home’s foundation, please feel free to contact us. For the best in landscaping and sprinkler repair, Frisco, TX and surrounding areas can count on Texas Waterboys.