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Richardson Drainage Services

Richardson Drainage Services
September 26, 2013 TWBadmin
In Drainage Services

For a lot of our clients in and around Richardson, drainage is often times an afterthought when it comes to landscaping. Drainage systems are imperative to protecting a homeowner’s investment, as it keeps a healthy foundation, prevents diseases from taking over the lawn, and avoids mosquitoes and other breeding insects from making your property their home. We offer our clients in and around Richardson numerous drainage solutions as listed below.

French Drains

French drains are commonly used to divert water away from the home to keep the foundation from shifting. French drains consist of perforated pipes that sit under gravel. Water seeps through the gravel and through the perforated pipes, and is carried away from the property by gravity. The property should slope enough for water to fall away. If not, we can grade your landscaping.

Channel Drains

Channel drains work great for hard surfaces such as your driveway or the concrete around your swimming pool. They are basically metal grates that lie flush with the ground. Pooling water on your hard surfaces is damaging over time, and channel drains are the solution.

Sump Pumps

Sump pumps are typically used in basements or other low spaces that are the most vulnerable to flooding, and are placed at the lowest point of the room. When the pump fills to a certain level, it activates and pumps water back outdoors via a pipe.

Roof Gutters and Down Spouts

It is very important to make sure the gutters along your roof and their downspouts are free and clear of debris. Otherwise, the roof will eventually sag under the weight of debris and water. If gutters and down spouts are not tended to, water will also pool by your foundation, causing damage there as well.

Other Solutions

Please call us or leave your questions and comments below to learn more about these or other Richardson drainage solutions that we offer. Texas Waterboys serves Richardson and surrounding cities.