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Plano Sprinkler Repair Service Tips – Scattered T-Storms and Rain and Freeze Sensors

Plano Sprinkler Repair Service Tips – Scattered T-Storms and Rain and Freeze Sensors
August 16, 2013 TWBadmin

In a time of drought, last month’s scattered thunderstorms would have anyone wondering about its impact on our depleted lakes. Late last month, The North Texas Water District released a report verifying that the recent summer rains were not sufficient enough to restore our lakes to their normal levels. Given the recent weather conditions, we also would like to take this opportunity to remind our Plano sprinkler repair clients to check out www.WaterMyYard.org, a valuable resource for determining just the right amount of water your lawns require, given your sprinkler system setup and the local weather conditions. Plano sprinkler repair residents should also consider getting a rain and freeze sensor installed to further prevent unnecessary watering.

Automatic Sprinkler Systems and Unpredictable Weather

Automatic sprinkler systems work especially great for the average busy lifestyle. It ensures your lawn will consistently get watered at just the right time of day, and the right amount within city guidelines. Making sure our sprinkler systems will not run whenever it does rain, however, is a manual task that often gets neglected. Even for those who can keep on top of it, we sometimes are powerless to do anything if we are at the office or out of town when it starts to rain.

Rain and Freeze Sensors Will Save You Money

Our Plano sprinkler repair service does rain and freeze sensor installations. Given how unpredictable Texas weather can be, a rain and freeze sensor seems like a must-have for all homeowners and landlords. The rain and freeze sensor is able to detect weather conditions. After a certain amount of rainfall, it blocks an automated sprinkler system’s signal to keep it from running while it’s raining. When conditions have dried up again, the sprinkler system is reactivated and returns to its regular watering schedule. Once we have your system set up with a rain and freeze sensor, you will be able to save money on your water bill by avoiding all unnecessary watering.

Don’t be that neighbor whose system goes off when it is pouring down rain. Please call us or leave your comments here for more information.

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