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Winterize Your Lawn – Carrollton Landscaping

Winterize Your Lawn – Carrollton Landscaping
August 29, 2013 TWBadmin
In Carrollton Landscaping

Autumn is almost here, and there are steps you can take right now to start winterizing your lawn and landscaping. Fall is the best time to re-nourish grasses, trees and shrubs after summer’s wear and tear. Fall is also a great time to encourage root growth and put down some sodding or seeds to patch up any rough spots in your lawn. Below are a few tips from our Carrollton landscaping service, on winterizing your lawn.

Keep it Tidy

Raking up leaves, branches and other debris does more than make your lawn look tidy. Keep your lawn free and clear of dead plants and debris so that there are not any bald patches left in your lawn when spring arrives and grasses and other plants start to grow back in. Pull up as many weeds as you can. Weeds germinate around this time, so you may want to look in to purchasing a pre-emergent herbicide to stop weeds before they even have a chance.

Planting New Grass or Sodding

Now is the time to patch up uneven spots in your lawn. Use a cool-season grass. Minimizing bare areas will minimize the chances of weeds taking over those spots. Nourish roots with a good quality winterizing fertilizer. Winterizing fertilizers are lower in nitrogen and have higher concentrations of potassium and phosphorus. You must use just the right amount of fertilizer. Too little or too much fertilizer can harm your lawn. Water deeply, every five to ten days.

Let Trees Harden

By now you should be cutting back on how much water you are giving your trees, because they need to harden for the winter. Only one inch per week is needed until the first frost sets in. Just before the winter season, be sure to wrap any young trees with the recommended materials, to shelter them from harsher winter climates. Do not forget to use a winterizing formula on trees and shrubs as well.

Contact our Carrollton Landscaping Service

Please feel free to contact us for more details. We can take a look at your current landscaping set up and recommend the best plan of action for you. Now is the time to get your lawn and gardens prepped for the best outcome in the spring. And of course, please do not neglect to winterize your irrigation system as well, when the time comes, to prevent cracks in your pipes or other costly damages to your system. Feel free to call us up with your concerns or leave your comments here.

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