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Continued Stage 2 Watering Restrictions – by Plano Sprinkler Repair

Continued Stage 2 Watering Restrictions – by Plano Sprinkler Repair
February 28, 2013 TWBadmin
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As you know, we are continuing Stage 2 of 4 watering restrictions, and conservation measurements will continue until lake water levels are recovered. Please use this information as a general guide, as you should contact your city or visit their website for confirmation of details. Contact information can be found at the end of this article. Plano sprinkler repair services are also available for questions or assistance in any of these cities mentioned below.
Manual irrigation is always the encouraged method of watering, as it is the most efficient and cost-effective. As far as sprinkler systems are concerned, see below for the current watering schedule.

The twice weekly watering schedule is as follows:

  • Plano
    • Addresses ending in odd numbers: Tuesday & Friday
    • Addresses ending in even numbers: Monday & Thursday


  • Richardson
    • Addresses ending in odd numbers: Wednesday & Sunday
    • Addresses ending in even numbers: Tuesday & Saturday
    • Buildings with multiple addresses will use the lowest address number to determine watering day.
    • Buildings with no address will have a number assigned to them by the director of public services.


  • Dallas
    • Addresses ending in odd numbers: Saturday & Wednesday
    • Addresses ending in even numbers: Sunday & Thursday
    • Buildings with no address: Sunday & Thursday


  • Frisco
    • If your trash day is Monday you may water on Monday & Thursday
    • If your trash day is Tuesday you may water on Tuesday & Saturday
    • If your trash day is Wednesday you may water on Wednesday & Saturday
    • If your trash day is Thursday you may water on Thursday & Sunday
    • If your trash day is Friday you may water on Friday & Tuesday

Restricted Hours

Plano, Richardson, Dallas & Frisco are all prohibited from using their sprinkler systems between the hours of 10am & 6pm. These hours are generally the least efficient times to water, due to increased evaporation and runoff once the sun is out. For the health of your lawn, watering in the very early morning hours is the best method. Frisco also prohibits usage between the hours of 5am & 10am.

Drip Irrigation, Soaker Hoses & Hand Watering

Manual watering and usage of soaker hoses and drip irrigation systems are generally allowed and exempt from Stage 2 restrictions. In most cases you may also use a hose with shutoff nozzle to wash vehicles, buildings and paved surfaces.

New Landscaping & Foundation

Drip irrigation, soaker hoses & hand watering is generally allowed for up to 2 hours on any day, under certain conditions. You may be required to apply for this exemption.

Large Properties (e.g., golf courses & athletic fields)

Variances are needed for the maintenance of very large properties, because of the size-related challenges involved in watering under such a time-restricted schedule. These properties are generally exempt, but usually are required to request variances. Dallas states that variances may be requested but all very large properties will be required to at least reduce water usage by 5% of the amount that is the average of their previous 5-year average consumption.

Other Exemptions

Domestic indoor usage is exempt. Pools, Jacuzzis & spas, ornamental fountains using treated water are generally exempt. All businesses such as swimming pool construction and maintenance, car washes, etc., are generally exempt.

Prohibited Usage

Use common sense to avoid wasteful and excessive water runoff onto streets, pavements, and other impervious areas, as such waste is prohibited. You may also want to contact your city to ask if cool season grasses such as rye are allowed and under what circumstances

Non-Potable Water Usage

Non-potable water usage, which isn’t supplied by the city’s water supply (e.g., rainwater), is not required to follow the watering schedule.

Public Service Contact Information

Please contact your city of residence for details, as restrictions and guidelines will vary slightly from city to city. Your Plano sprinkler repair company can also help with any questions or concerns regarding your system. We service all of these cities listed below.

  • Plano
    • plano.gov/water
    • Drought hotline 972-769-4338


  • Richardson
    • Public services department 972-744-422


  • Dallas
    • savedallaswater.com
    • Or call 214-670-3155


  • Frisco