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As you are probably already aware, Stage 3 watering restrictions have been enforced since last Saturday, 6/1, for North Texas residents in cities including Richardson and Carrollton. It is very important that homeowners and landlords adhere to these restrictions so that we can get through the drought with minimal damage to our local and state economies. Our lawns and plants will do just fine under the new schedule, but jobs in industries that are heavily
For some, the sight of water running off onto the street and pavement is a normal sight, which many may have come to associate with the sound of the sprinkler system shutting off. Truth is, as common as this may be, it is an issue that should be fixed right away. The water that you have running off onto the pavement is water lost. If it had remained in the pipes for later use, you
To best preserve the environment, the structural integrity of your property, as well as the health of your landscaping, everyone should understand the importance of proper drainage. Servicing Coppell drainage and irrigation systems, as well as drainage and irrigation systems of Richardson and surrounding cities, we have found that there is some confusion about the different types of drainage systems and safe practices. Storm Drains By default, it is safe to assume that most outdoor
When gauging a property, one of the things you should be conscious of is the landscaping. Generally, you want to be sure that any rain water or other water that will fall onto the property will be able to flow away from your property. Grading involves reshaping the land by moving, removing, replacing, and adding dirt and soil to the landscaping. Texas Waterboys offers you grading services as one of their many Carrollton landscaping solutions. 
It’s almost a given that the best looking lawns in your neighborhood have sprinkler systems installed. Sprinkler systems make sure the irrigation needs of your lawn are met. What more can you do? A popular enhancement among our sprinkler repair Carrollton clients are our rain and freeze sensors. A rain and freeze sensor will also de-activate your sprinkler system in freezing temperatures, which will protect your pipes from cracking as freezing water in them will